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Essential Things to Consider Before Renting a Bounce House

It is essential to add some attraction to make a party extra special. Entertainment and fun are a must for every party. A bounce house is an outstanding arrangement that attracts kids. The bounce house is a fine idea for any party for little ones. Jumpy houses are fun, but one must decide whether to buy or rent these jumpers. There are several things to consider while renting these houses. The decision to choose bounce house rentals varies depending on budget, availability, size, etc.

Things to Know While Renting a Bounce House

Jumping houses are a common entertainment source for kids these days. It is a must-have for birthday parties, school events, corporate functions, weddings, and fairs. Bounce houses add to the fun of every event. Different types of bounce tents are used on varied occasions, and it is thus necessary to consider various aspects before renting a bounce house for the party. Consider the following factors while choosing bounce house rentals:

  1. The size – One of the crucial factors to consider while renting a bouncy castle is the size of the jumping house. The size may vary depending on the event area. Consider the number of kids invited to the party while choosing the perfect jumpy size.
  2. The price – The budget is also among the factors considered when choosing a rented jumping house. Rental houses are a great way to add extra charm to a party, but bouncy must fit within the pocket. Make sure the expense of the house does not affect the overall costs of the event.
  3. The weather – Bouncy houses are strong enough to withstand heavy winds, but it is essential to consider the weather forecast before choosing the perfect jumpy houses. If the event location has heavy wind or rain forecasting, choose heavy-duty bounce houses for additional weather protection.
  4. The space – The event location is also a factor to consider before renting a bouncy. Plan a specific area for the jumpy house before renting it. The planning will ease the decisions of selecting the perfect bounce house for the event.
  5. The options – Always check the wide varieties before finalizing the bouncy house. Jumping houses come in different shapes, designs, and sizes. One may choose a customized jumping house depending on the party theme. It is also important to check prices with various rental companies to rent jumpers at the right price.


Renting a bounce house is a better option than buying one. Jumping house is a special add-on to parties and events. The rental companies offer different types of bounce houses. It is thus essential to consider various factors while renting a bounce house. Consider all the options while choosing the perfect bounce house rentals. Take into account the shape, size, and type of bouncy houses. It is also essential to know the occasion and available space of the event before choosing these houses to ensure an enjoyable experience for the guests.